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Sharecare to Host Twitter Chat on Injury Prevention and Orthopedics

twitter-chat-injury-preventionATLANTA, September 22, 2015 – With school back in session and Fall sports in full swing, injury prevention is top of mind for many parents and coaches. On Thursday September 24, Sharecare, a leading digital health and wellness engagement platform, will host a Twitter chat discussing a range of topics related to orthopedic medicine and conditions from 12 to 3 p.m. ET. Using the hashtag #SafeistheNewStrong, the chat will provide information to help people keep their bones, joints and muscles strong, and prevent injuries – sports-related and otherwise – regardless of age.

“People often don’t realize how important it is to address issues of safety around orthopedic health at all stages of your life,” said Anthony Hamm, DC, president of the American Chiropractic Association. “The opportunity to participate in #SafeistheNewStrong is a great way to further our mission of providing accurate and reliable education around these issues, and in an innovative way that makes it easy for consumers to access it.”

The #SafeistheNewStrong Twitter chat will cover topics as follows:

12-1 pm: Children and youth – Pediatric orthopedics; school sports; injury prevention; diseases and conditions.

1-2 pm: Young and middle-aged adults – Maintaining strong bones, joints and muscles as you age; joint pain; exercising and staying in shape safely; diseases and conditions.

2-3 pm: Seniors – Safety and health hazards; arthritis and other degenerative diseases; staying active; and preventing injury.

What: #SafeistheNewStrong Twitter Chat
When: Thursday, September 24, 12-3 p.m. EST
Who: Hosted by @SharecareInc, featuring experts from:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, @EatRight
American Chiropractic Association, @ACAtoday
HealthCorps, @HealthCorps
HealthyWomen, @HealthyWomen
National Academy of Sports Medicine, @NASM
National Athletic Trainers’ Association, @NATA1950
Johns Hopkins Medicine, @HopkinsMedicine
Baptist Health South Florida, @BaptistHealthSF
Greenville Health System, @ghs_org
North Hills Hospital, @NorthHillsHosp
Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, @DrDarria
Rick Olderman, @RickOlderman
David Buer, @DavidBuer
Donovan Green, @DonovanGreenTV
Members of Sharecare’s Advisory Board

How to Participate:

Submit your questions and comments on Twitter using the hashtag #SafeistheNewStrong through 3 p.m. EST on Thursday, September 24. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can post questions to Sharecare’s Facebook page, as well as follow the live chat on Sharecare.

About Sharecare

Sharecare is a health and wellness engagement platform that provides people with personalized resources to help them live their healthiest lives. Nearly 40 million people have shared more than 5 billion data points about their health status and habits with Sharecare, which uses that information to create a comprehensive health profile allowing users to access all of their health resources in one place, and dynamically connect to the knowledge, evidence-based programs and health professionals they need. Created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz in 2010, Sharecare’s predictive and personalized platform is accessed daily by millions of consumers, including viewers of The Dr. Oz Show, patient populations of the country’s leading hospital systems and every Soldier in the United States Army.