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Editorial Policy

Policy Overview

Sharecare strives to give users best-in-class, reliable and up-to-date health information. Our philosophy is that quality health advice is grounded in evidence-based medicine (EBM). EBM is the use of the best evidence currently available from scientific research to make healthcare decisions for individuals and populations.

Sharecare fact-checks and medically reviews all new content prior to publishing. We continue to perform medical review of published content at two-year intervals, but often more frequently, to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of our content. Performing reviews on this schedule is also consistent with our NCQA Wellness and Health Promotion and Disease Management accreditation standards. 

The Company is owned by various investors and employees. No shareholder or group of related shareholders owns a controlling interest in the Company.


Fact-checking is the first line of quality control to ensure that all details are accurate and that Sharecare’s sourcing and evidence requirements are met.

Fact-checkers verify all names, dates, spellings, facts, figures and study details. The fact-checker will contact live sources to verify quotes, if needed. In addition, fact-checkers must assess the following and are encouraged to make suggestions to address any deficiencies in these areas:

  • Appropriate sources are used and accurately reflected
  • All relevant details are provided
  • Research or guidelines cited are the best evidence available
  • Claims match the level of evidence available
  • All necessary context or caveats are included
  • All copy is original

Editorial Integrity

Editorial content created by Sharecare staff is not influenced by advertisers or other parties with financial interests. Sharecare policies prevent and prohibit conflicts of interest that would have an impact on editorial content. The Sharecare editorial staff is committed to providing objective and unbiased content, rooted in journalistic standards and vetted by experts.

Sharecare is committed to making corrections to original content when errors make this necessary, and to updating material per our medical review policy. Medical review and fact- checking of content is performed before publishing new content and at a minimum every 2 years thereafter. If any factual or clinical errors are found or if the information is outdated, the content is flagged for revision or retirement. All medically reviewed content is returned to the authoring team for disposition. They will revise incorrect information following the medical reviewer’s guidance. Substantive content revisions go through another medical review to ensure the new information is correct. Retirement is only recommended if the content is very outdated or has since been disproven. In this case, the editorial team decides if a new article on the subject is needed or if the existing article should just be retired. If we identify errors that are material to the content before the review process, we will update the content and note those corrections on the bottom of the page, above or below the Medical Review date. This corrections policy applies to original content produced by our editorial team, including news, feature articles, slideshows, and quizzes. 

Sharecare Editorial Board

Elizabeth Shepard, Executive Vice President, Content
JJ Miller, Senior Vice President, Video and Media Production
Michael Gollust, Editorial Director
Mary Elizabeth Dallas, Executive Editor
Lisa Souza, Sr. Director Clinical Information Services
Jameson Kowalczyk, Content Director, Consumer Solutions

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Advisory Board

Sharecare’s dedicated Advisory Board is comprised of world-class multidisciplinary healthcare experts representing a cross section of academics, major healthcare institutions, professional organizations, healthcare media and private practice across a comprehensive taxonomy. The collective contributions of the Advisory Board inform Sharecare content, products and services to assure accurate, timely, trustworthy and actionable information for our many millions of users. The Advisory Board serves as multi-media experts on topics ranging from breaking news to insights on research outcomes and chronic disease to pandemic responses in order to assist consumers in making confident and informed healthcare decisions. View Advisory Board

Medical Review

Medical reviewers evaluate the quality of evidence to ensure that all advice is evidence-based and reflects current standards for clinical practice. They assess the quality of source materials as well as the design of individual studies to make sure they are the best sources available. Most importantly, reviewers make sure that complex medical concepts have been accurately translated for consumer consumption and that the writer has interpreted the evidence correctly.