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New important heart health info from CDC

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

The CDC, one of Sharecare’s partners, recently featured a new tool on its website that looks at risk factors for heart disease and calculates your “Heart Age”. According to this tool, most Americans will have a Heart Age older than their calendar age, because most people don’t eat or exercise optimally, and don’t control high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as they could.

While this is one great tool to learn more about your body, our RealAge test provides additional insights into not only your heart, but also your overall health. Instead of looking at how your heart might be older, the RealAge test compares your biological health ­ based on genes and lifestyle factors like diet, exercise and stress ­ with the average person and then we continue to provide personalized recommendations for how you can make improvements.

The takeaway? Both of these tests highlight important information to help you maximize your health and get to the best you can be.