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Enabling patient empowerment in the Digital Age

As a health consumer, chances are you’ve experienced some of the common challenges that often come from a diagnosis – whether it’s short-term, like mild bout of the flu, or a chronic condition that impacts everyday life. Even with access to medical care and treatment options, the experience of navigating an illness too often triggers feelings of confusion and resignation; yet those of us in healthcare know the potential that an informed, empowered consumer has when it comes to taking control of their health journey and maximizing their quality of life. 

At Sharecare, we’re dedicated to helping each person be this empowered patient, and we recently enhanced our suite of digitally enabled consumer solutions to make this easier than ever. With technologies that support immersive and personalized patient experiences, we’ve augmented our suite of offerings by:

  • breaking down and visualizing the science of various conditions and treatments to help patients understand their diagnoses;
  • allowing them to learn more about their condition from experts and patients like them;
  • arming them with customized discussion guides that allow them to be their own best advocates by leading informed conversations with their care providers;
  • tailoring the experience of learning how to manage everyday life and well-being with a diagnosis, based on their unique needs and attributes; and
  • contextualizing the greater impact of their condition in the communities where they live, work and play.

With access to the right technology and tools, we know the difference patients can make in optimizing their own well-being and outcomes. That continues to drive the work we do every day – from how we work with healthcare brands through patient engagement campaigns, to the products and tools we build to inform and motivate consumers. We’re proud that this approach to innovation has made an impact, not only for condition-specific patient populations, but also within the industry. In fact, our product innovation and efforts to “share care” recently earned Sharecare recognition as one of PM360’s finalists for Company of the Year, as well as several other industry awards for the content, technology, and talent behind our enhanced product suite. And our unique approach has resulted in more than 80% of our consumer marketing campaigns exceeding the goals set by our partners over the last several years. As we roll out these new solutions for 2021, we look forward to driving even more success and good health for our clients and patient populations.