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CEO Blog

The official blog of Sharecare co-founder, chairman and CEO Jeff Arnold

Gallup-Sharecare Survey

New Gallup-Sharecare Survey: Number of Uninsured Americans on the Rise…

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Dr. Lawrence Weed Sharecare

The Father of the Modern Medical Record

Disruptor Daily Sharecare

The Balancing Act: Human Connection vs. Connectivity

Gallup Sharecare

A New and Exciting Union: Gallup and Sharecare

Sharecare HSMA

Rising With the Tide

Healthy places to live

Fostering Healthy Communities

Jeff Arnold blog

Expertise to Scale

Jeff Arnold

A Prescription From the Surgeon General: Magnify Hope

Jeff Arnold

The United States of Well-Being

Dean Ornish

A Healthier, Happier 2017

Jeff Arnold

Age is just a number

Facing Addiction in America

Pleading with the President-elect to Face Addiction in America

Jeff Arnold

Building Your Healthiest Life Radius

Jeff Arnold

Going Global