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AskMD Featured at the Consumer Electronics Show

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Many of you may have heard news reports this week about some of the cool new gadgets being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, also known as CES. If you aren’t familiar with CES, it’s nothing short of a gear head’s paradise. Each year, this is where you can see and touch everything from amazing, futuristic concept cars to the biggest TVs you’ve ever seen and new cutting-edge handheld devices, such as smartphones.

Of course, most of these new products are centered around entertainment – but the fact that people like you are taking control of their health with digital tools and resources makes the topic of health play an increasingly important role at major industry events like CES. This has pushed consumer tech companies to build some really amazing things on their own – and they’re also collaborating with companies in the digital health space to deliver products and services directly to their customers – companies like Sharecare.

At a press event during CES, it was announced that our award-winning app AskMD will be available on the new ZTE Grand X Max+, the biggest 4G LTE Android smartphone from Cricket Wireless. This is the first time that AskMD has been preloaded on a smartphone, and it’s an honor to work on this project with Cricket Wireless and ZTE – two companies clearly committed to helping their customers take control of their health and get better care.