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Building for the future, today, with Lennar Homes

Pictured above: Sharecare founder Jeff Arnold interviews Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, chief medical officer of Lennar Homes, at Reuters’ Workforce Health USA 2023.

by Dawn Whaley, president and chief marketing officer at Sharecare

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Reuters’ Workforce Health USA 2023, where our founder Jeff Arnold shared stage with Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, chief medical officer of Lennar Corporation. Their fireside chat, “Building for the future, today: How to prioritize whole health, close care gaps for high-risk employees,” focused on how Lennar has transformed the health and well-being of their ~11,500 associates. 

Dr. Pascal has a strong track record of prioritizing prevention over procedures across his impressive career – whether in his capacity as a cardiologist, Dean of a medical school, head of a health system, or his current role at Lennar. His approach, which he likens to being a “home builder for health,” has reshaped how Lennar addresses employee wellness – focusing on building a healthy community of associates that enhances what he calls “innate immunity.” 

During the discussion, Dr. Pascal unpacked Lennar’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was anchored in five pillars: quality sleep, a healthy diet, physical activity, stress management, and avoiding risky behaviors. This strategy was critical in not just addressing the needs arising from the pandemic but also in establishing a sustainable, long-term health strategy within the company. 

Post-pandemic, Lennar has worked with Sharecare to scale up its initiatives to optimize the health and well-being of the associates and close care gaps. Some highlights Dr. Pascal shared during the fireside chat include: empowering associates to assess the state of their own health and well-being through our proprietary RealAge test; using data to tailor well-being and health programs for associates; offering a range of condition-specific health solutions, including evidence based digital therapeutics (Dr. Pascal calls this an “iTunes for healthcare”); and using innovation – such as virtual reality – to significantly increase physical activity among high-risk associates. Additionally, in early 2023, Lennar introduced 24/7 health advocacy and home care for its associates through Sharecare to ensure round-the-clock comprehensive health support and services for associates during major health events or life transitions, from post-operative care and childbirth to caring for an ailing loved one.  

Lennar’s dedication not only to preventive care but also to supporting associates during these critical, vulnerable periods is palpable – and the impact is quantifiable. Under Dr. Pascal’s medical leadership, this year, the home builder has realized a 20% reduction in health risk factors among associates while keeping cost of care stable for the associates. Further, their population has achieved significant reductions across a variety of risk factors, including 11.4% in preventative risk and 9.1% in lifestyle risk. Lennar’s willingness to explore ways to refine its health strategies and embrace innovation has raised the bar for employer-sponsored health benefits design.   

As we approach a new year, I hope that Lennar’s commitment to support their associates on every step of their health journeys – particularly those who are high-risk – is as much an inspiration to you as it is all of us at Sharecare.