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Accenture’s Top 5 Trends In Digital Health

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

This week, Accenture released a new report identifying the five trends that are major driving forces in digital health today:

  • Intelligent Automation: rather than replacing people with machines, go for “people plus machines,” meaning use computing and artificial intelligence to introduce efficiencies into healthcare professionals’ workflows;
  • Liquid Workforce: utilize and innovate telemedicine to its full potential, for patients and providers, in form and function, with pricing and policy;
  • Platform Economy: embrace the idea of different technologies to talk to each other from all points of the ecosystem – patient, provider and payer;
  • Predictable Disruption: observe technologies that revolutionized other industries (think Uber and transportation, Airbnb and hotels), and anticipate and innovate from the lessons learned therein; and
  • Digital Trust: Earning consumers’ trust is mandatory, and the only way we can achieve that is by protecting their healthcare data.

Each of these trends is in direct alignment with our vision for the future of healthcare, and our approach of providing a comprehensive solution that enables a person to access all of their health in one place.