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Spotlight: Jana Leverette, accounts receivable manager 

Our Employee Spotlight for the month of October not only commemorates this colleague’s 15-year work anniversary, but also celebrates her cancer-free status since 2016. Meet Jana Leverette, an accounts receivable manager at Sharecare. Sharing her story this month, she hopes to benefit other women who may find themselves in a similar position on their health journey.  

In 2015, Jana and her doctors discovered her tumor was not merely a cyst, but breast cancer. It was a shocking revelation after her biopsy; at the time Jana worked out every day, ran four miles daily, and had been following a vegetarian diet for 15 years. Her diagnosis commenced a year-and-a-half journey to healing, where her positivity – and Sharecare-sponsored health coaching and exercise programs – sustained her through six months of chemo, radiation, and two surgeries. 

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jana cautions that breast cancer can happen to anyone. As a strong advocate for early detection and reducing risk, she urges women to conduct regular self-examination and prioritize mammograms. 

Jana says she couldn’t have asked for a better workplace or more supportive colleagues during her treatment. After hearing Jana brag about Sharecare for a few years, her husband, Tony Leverettealso joined the company in 2019 as a member of the Executive Resolutions Team. Based about 45 minutes from the Franklin office in Chapel Hill, TN, the two are proud parents of three children and two dogs. 

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Jana, can you tell us a little bit about your role? 

I’m an Accounts Receivable (AR) Manager, and currently manage a team of four. We oversee the billing, collections, and cash of all divisions of Sharecare except for our ROI (release-of-information) business line. A contract will come in after the sales team has set up a client program. From there, we get their account set up and manage billing. We’re responsible for making sure clients get their invoices, and we collect and process all the payments that come through, as well as ensure client payments are applied correctly. 

What was your path leading up to Sharecare? 

Before coming to Sharecare, I worked as an accountant for an insurance firm, and prior to that, I was an AR supervisor. I was looking to step back for a while to take on the role of mom when I interviewed at Sharecare (then Healthways) and joined as an AR coordinator until I moved my way up to my current role. 

I also recently hit an exciting milestone: October 20th was my 15-year work anniversary! I look forward to continuing to grow and learn at Sharecare, as well as witnessing the many ways our company will grow and achieve more and more.  

You’ve been cancer-free since 2016. What was your journey like as a breast cancer survivor? 

In 2015, I got the words no one wants to ever get. Since I was young and healthy and had no risk in my family history, doctors thought my tumor was simply a cyst. We waited six months, and it grew. After a biopsy, I got the news the growth was cancer. After genetic testing showed I carried no cancer genes, I learned it can happen to anyone, making self-checks and mammograms so important. It happened to me, and I worked out every day, ran four miles daily, and was a vegetarian at that time. 

I completed chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and another surgery all before the end of 2016 and surprisingly, I still worked through it all from the Franklin office. I came into work sporting a bald head and face mask, but I drew a smiley face on my mask to prevent masking my positivity. I’d leave the office on Thursdays with my laptop in hand and finish my day at the cancer center. The company and my colleagues were very good to me during that time, and I was determined not to let anyone down. Sticking to my normal routine also really helped me. I’m thankful to have been cancer-free for many years now.  

What are some of the things that helped you during that time? 

It was helpful that I stayed active and participated in activities available through Sharecare like yoga classes and bootcamps, as well as personal health coaching. I’ve always strongly believed in our company’s mission and ability to positively impact individuals, but my personal health journey provided me the opportunity to witness firsthand just how valuable the support we provide is. 

What’s the best part of your job? 

My Team! When Sharecare acquired Healthways, I was the sole person who came over from accounts receivable. I’m grateful to have a wonderful team, full of hard-working individuals who are all great assets to the company. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Although we’ve been remote for the last few years, we still gather quarterly as a team outside of work to maintain a close bond. I’ve appreciated their trust in me as a leader and look forward to continuing to grow together in the years to come.  

What should people know about working with you?  

I try to always maintain a positive attitude and a smile, even on the stressful days. I see mistakes as opportunities to grow. I strive to give 100% every day to my job and never hesitate to jump into any project or opportunity that I can to assist others and grow myself. I also always want to be my team’s biggest advocate so they know they can depend on me.  

How do you keep your RealAge down and stay mentally and physically healthy?  

I like to stay busy, and I strongly believe in the value of “sharing care,” so I often volunteer. I’m assistant treasurer for my church and on the Blessing Tree Committee for families in need. I’m also the unofficial secretary for our community HOA. I also take advantage of every opportunity to volunteer with Sharecare and was on our “Care Crew” before we all went remote in 2020 during the pandemic.  

Lessons and practices from The Blue Zones regions – where individuals have the longest life expectancy – have also stuck with me throughout the years. Staying busy, having purpose, eating well, and moving naturally are so important. 

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?  

Outside of work, Tony and I have three children; two sons who live in Kansas and one daughter who lives close by. We also have two very spoiled doggies. We enjoy traveling with our family and hiking with our dogs. My dad has a 1930 Model A Ford so we tag along with him and his classic car club on day trips to explore different small towns as well as eat at some unique places.  

What’s something few people know about you?  

I’m pretty much an open book, but a lot of people might not know that I’m obsessed with true crime stories. I love turtles, and one day hope to volunteer at a sea turtle rescue. I am also a HUGE Luke Bryan fan, and I’ve traveled to a few places to see him perform through the years! 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and why?  

Without a doubt, my dad. He taught me to have a strong work ethic, the importance of being present, and how to maintain optimism. Although he worked long hours during the week, every Saturday we went fishing together and he would cook dinner for me and mom. He always made time for us. He’s had several surgeries through the years and is tough as nails; he keeps persevering with a positive mindset when a lot of people would have given up. He is by far, my hero.