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Janis Jibrin - Nutrition

Janis Jibrin, MS, RD


Janis Jibrin, MS, RD (registered dietitian), is a nutritionist who loves everything about food—from eating it to researching its remarkable effects on the body.

She divides her time between writing and teaching with appointments at American University and Georgetown University.

Jibrin has written hundreds of articles that appear in AARP (the magazine and website), Brain & Life, Dr. Oz The Good Life and other magazines. Her many blog posts appear on, and elsewhere. Among her six books are The Pescetarian Plan, which advocates a Mediterranean “vegetarian + seafood” way of eating.

She is the lead writer of Real Appeal, UnitedHealth Group’s weight loss program with over 700,000 participants nationwide.

As a Sharecare advisory board member, Jibrin addresses a wide range of questions from what to eat if you have diabetes to the effects of stress on body fat.

Her master’s degree in nutrition is from the University of Maryland in College Park, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University.