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Spotlight: Danielle Miller, director of performance and delivery

Pictured from left to right: daughters Riley, McKenna, and Darrah with their mother, Danielle Miller. 

Our Life Sciences team delivers solutions designed to engage, educate, and activate patients to better understand the conditions impacting their lives and take meaningful actions toward improving their health and well-being. With extensive digital capabilities and a zero-party database of over 100 million, Sharecare’s customer activation and management solutions for life sciences companies build on emerging consumer trends to reach the right people at the right time with contextually relevant, actionable information they want and can trust. 

As part of that team, our Employee Spotlight this month works to execute, deliver, and optimize digital campaigns crossing integrated programs  that we’ve guaranteed to our life sciences clients. Meet Danielle Miller, director of performance and delivery at Sharecare. A self-proclaimed “Jersey girl” and proud mom to three daughters, Danielle was promoted to director in February and celebrates her 10-year Sharecare workaversary this year. Learn more about Danielle and her recent milestone achievements in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Tell us about your role, Danielle.

I’m the director of performance and delivery management for the Life Sciences team. Since Sharecare is responsible for making sure our programs deliver what our life sciences clients have purchased, my team and I are responsible for monitoring our programs and campaigns daily. Evaluating the delivery of those programs and products, we help ensure Sharecare meets client goals while working across our internal teams to launch projects and keep them moving. Each month we make sure we’re hitting our goals and delivering any critical KPIs (key performance indicators) or important benchmarks – such as making sure that we’re hitting client audience quality goals, so evaluating whether or not we’re reaching the right audience and then working to make optimizations if needed.

We have different reporting tools that we use daily, so during an average day on the job, the first thing we do is look at what we call a Staq report as well as Power BI reporting, which shows how all of our programs are performing and we see whether they’ve hit the goal for the previous day or not. If we see something is under-delivering or if there’s a drop in volume, we investigate to see if everything’s running as it should be and work with our internal ad operations team to make optimizations, but it all depends upon the program that’s running.

What is your favorite career highlight?

I was recently promoted to director in February of this year. So, I would say that is currently my favorite career highlight – which I love because I have a great team that I work with; I want to advocate for them, and my new role helps me to do that. I’m on a great team with three others. Our team of four gets along well together – like we’re a family and we can always rely on each other. We have each other’s backs, so that’s what I really enjoy about working with them.

Can you share more about your journey to your current role at Sharecare?

Everybody always assumes that everybody goes to college, but I did not. I worked my way up the ladder starting out of high school. I started at McGraw Hill, a publishing company, where I worked for 20 years. Halfway during my tenure there, the employee responsible for ad operations left and I was offered the opportunity to move into the role. I had to learn new skills on the fly, but it worked out in the end. I gained 10 years of experience in ad operations there before I left to work at Rosetta for 6 years. I started at Quality Health in 2014, which was acquired by Sharecare that same year. While a different industry, my previous years of work experience made me familiar with important background knowledge and processes relevant to the life sciences clients we manage today.

What career advice do you have?

Work experience is important. I think a lot of people automatically assume that college is the default. Obviously, having a degree is great, but it’s so important to gain work experience as well. I’d advise people just starting out to make sure if you’re new to your chosen field, that you gain internship or other experience just to get your feet wet and have a clear understanding of what it’s like working in the corporate world. Otherwise, it can be jarring coming straight from college and not having that familiarity.

What’s a cause that you’re passionate about?

I enjoy volunteering and finding opportunities for community service, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s a local food pantry in my community that I volunteer with to hand out Thanksgiving meals, which I really enjoy. For Christmas, they organize a volunteer drive to support a child in need and provide holiday cheer to families in need with gifts and essential items. Helping children and making sure their needs are met is something I’m passionate about – not just for the holiday season, but also as something I try to expand on throughout the year.

Where’s home? Can you tell us about your family?

I live in East Windsor, New Jersey. I’m a Jersey girl, been here my whole life. I have three daughters and they’re my life. They’re 28, 19, and 17 years old, so there’s a big age gap between my eldest, Darrah, and my daughters McKenna and Riley. I love them to death. We enjoy hanging out together and always have a great time together whether it’s going shopping or just watching TV, playing games, going to the movies, or other activities together.

How do you keep your RealAge down and keep mentally and physically healthy?

I’m not a big gym person, but I have a treadmill at home that I try to use three or four times a week. I also love yoga and a little Pilates here and there. I also try to eat as healthy as I can, but I have big sweet tooth, so I’m careful to enjoy things in moderation. Mentally, the biggest thing is making sure to recharge. It’s important to take time for rest, which as a mom can be hard to do – especially when you’re a single mom. Whether it’s pampering myself, getting my nails done, or just going into the room and having a quiet moment, I try to do small things to keep my mental state in a good place.