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Why diabetes deserves our attention now

Each year, the American Diabetes Association dedicates the month of November to promoting awareness and fighting the impact of diabetes, which affects millions of individuals in the US alone. Yet in today’s pandemic-impacted environment, National Diabetes Month has come at a time when the relationship between diabetes and overall health is of timely concern. Before the pandemic, diabetes stood as the #7 cause of death and cost insurers an average of $10,000 per capita (a figure that grows three-fold in cases with complications), reflecting a national crisis already in motion. 

One of the most dangerous risk factors for severe COVID-19 – complications of which include organ damage, stroke, and acute respiratory failure – is Type 2 diabetes. Based on what we know at this time, the CDC indicates Type 1 and gestational diabetes may also increase the risk of severe cases. Researchers are still only beginning to learn about the lifelong health risks posed by the virus among individuals with diabetes and prediabetes alike.

With new threats and learnings emerging in the diabetes epidemic, the importance of effective prevention and management efforts are keys to promoting overall health, well-being, and resiliency. The Sharecare Diabetes Solution provides turnkey, end-to-end diabetes care and glycemic management programs that integrate high-touch interventions with high-tech programs to reverse prediabetes and manage diagnosed cases. Our proprietary tools and content adhere to the latest standards of care and evidence-based best practices while also maximizing accessibility to care and support with resources for remote patient monitoring, telehealth-based and face-to-face education, medical nutrition therapy (MNT), intensive behavioral therapy (IBT), and more. With our personalized approach, we also empower every individual with a quality, self-paced virtual experience that motivates them to control their health by making the right lifestyle choices. 

Access to care is changing rapidly in the face of the pandemic, yet our focus on program delivery flexibility allows patients to receive quality care and support consistently – even as they adapt to a disrupted healthcare environment. And looking ahead, diligence toward caring for their well-being will be more critical than ever. Visit to learn how our solution is supporting populations in achieving optimal health and resiliency against diabetes.