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Well-being on the map

At Sharecare, we can’t think of a better way to usher in a new year than by seizing a new opportunity to help people improve their health. In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, we’re kicking off 2020 by doing this in a new and exciting way across Arizona.

This year, not only will BCBSAZ members receive access to our platform to help them in their well-being journeys, but also, regardless of insurance, BCBSAZ is committing to helping every Arizonan improve their health through our new strategic partnership. As part of this partnership, any Arizonan can download Sharecare to learn their RealAge, earn green days and follow a personalized, evidence-based journey to better health. BCBSAZ members will also benefit from an enhanced experience with access to their claims data, tools to help them meet their well-being goals, opportunities to join and reap rewards from health challenges, and more.  

With this dedication to the well-being of all communities in their reach, it’s evident why we’re excited to have BCBSAZ as our newest Enterprise partner. By combining efforts with BCBSAZ and others, we look forward to 2020 as a great year for our movement to bring community-driven care to more populations than ever. We’ll be sharing more updates from places around the world, including the Grand Canyon State, as we work together to make our communities happier and healthier for all.