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Visualizing a New Healthcare Reality

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Yesterday, at Advertising Week in New York, we announced our latest acquisition to further enhance our comprehensive engagement platform: BioLucid, a company out of Sarasota, Florida who is the leading developer of virtual reality healthcare technology. To get a sense of how impressive and immersive the experience they have created is, watch this video that the team at HTC created to showcase BioLucid’s platform – aptly named YOU – on their state-of-the-art VR system, HTC Vive.

Companies like HTC, Samsung and Google have made a lot of recent progress in both the usability and affordability of their VR hardware and systems – however the fact that you need to buy additional equipment and accessories will continue to be a barrier to entry for many consumers. That’s why, with this acquisition, we will leverage BioLucid’s health content across our website and apps like AskMD so people can see–with or without a VR headset–incredibly accurate anatomical simulations of the human body.

This technology stands to have a transformative impact on patient engagement, health literacy and medical education, but one of the areas I’m most excited about applying virtual, augmented and mixed reality is to help patients and providers better understand what each is experiencing by telling the story of patient journeys. By using these interactive experiences to enable you to view the perspectives of the patient, caregiver or provider at each step in their healthcare journey, we can foster empathy and understanding among all healthcare constituents.