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Unwinding for all: Sharecare makes mindfulness app free to the masses

Over the past two and a half years, many of us have come to feel more and more overwhelmed by the seemingly endless cycle of uncertainty, stress, and burnout. Continual stress takes the rational, thinking parts of our brain “offline,” and we find ourselves at the mercy of our survival brain, which makes decisions based on fear and panic. 

Thankfully, I’ve been able to work with my patients as they come to understand these processes and how mindfulness can change the relationship with their thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness in its simplest form is paying attention without judgment. I have spent more than a decade researching the science of mindfulness and have seen firsthand how it helps people cope and even find peace amidst some of life’s toughest challenges. My own mindfulness practice has carried me through some of my most trying times as it’s lessened my stress and grounded me in the present. 

In an effort to lower barriers for the many people struggling with their stress levels, my colleagues at Sharecare have made our mental and behavioral health solution Unwinding by Sharecare free for everyone, for good. The app helps you better understand how your mind works, so you can work with your mind – it gives you tools and easy strategies to reduce everyday stress and build healthier habits and confidence overall. 

Unwinding by Sharecare delivers short mindfulness exercises – between 1 and 5 minutes – that you can take with you on-the-go. You can think of them as mental health “snacks” that help feed the habit of awareness. My lab has found that even these short moments throughout the day can measurably reduce stress and worry. The app also features mini courses created with subject matter experts that teach you how habits are formed and empower you to tackle common challenges like financial stress, digital addiction, procrastination, and anger.

Unwinding by Sharecare gives you the tools to stay grounded, embrace change, and effectively manage stress. But for those facing more complex conditions such as anxietyemotional eating, or smoking cessation, Sharecare’s comprehensive suite of digital therapeutics for mental and behavioral health will guide you on a journey to better understand how to break free from the cycle that drives these feelings and habits.

#ItsHumanTo feel stressed, but getting your brain back online so you can unwind is easier than you think. Visit the App Store or Google Play to get started for free today.