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The Sharecare Awards: Celebrating the spirit of “sharing care”

Since our earliest days, we envisioned a milestone moment when we could honor the exceptional creators and supporters of health content that move us – whether moving us to take action for our health or the health of others, to engage in much-needed discussions around critical issues, or simply to share care from a place of understanding and empathy. The same media and technologies that power the depth and reach of our platform have empowered people and organizations to change our relationships with well-being in meaningful ways. And today, we are proud to have reached the point of honoring those who wield these powerful tools for good.

On Thursday, March 14, 2019, we celebrated the culmination of our inaugural Sharecare Awards by recognizing the finalists and winners on a night to remember. With honorees ranging from pharmaceutical companies to nonprofits to news media, the Sharecare Awards spotlighted the best in health programming and productions that leveraged media and digital channels to tell impactful stories. In addition, we conferred special awards to exemplary individuals and organizations who set the standard for what impact such work can make when we capitalize on expertise, passion and purpose.

Our team at Sharecare, as well as those who joined us in celebrating our honorees, have been humbled and inspired by the stories and accomplishments shared through our program. I’m in deep gratitude for these contributions and the inspiration they kindled as we’ve realized our dream of recognizing those who share care. It’s been an honor to shine the light on the industry’s greatest works that promote a healthier and more compassionate future for all.