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The internship experience: Making the most of a summer at Sharecare

By Lily Harrington & Matthew Osajima

What makes an internship impactful? That’s a million-dollar question that many college students face every summer. For some, an internship is just a box to check or a prerequisite for launching a career, but for those of us in Sharecare’s Summer 2019 internship program, it provided an invaluable and unforgettable learning experience.

Sharecare interns work in departments all across the organization – from Sales to Marketing to Finance and beyond – and in addition to using our skills to support different parts of the business, each of us had the chance to work with remarkable mentors and take part in special experiences throughout the summer.

As interns on the Corporate Communications team, we found unique opportunities by simply raising our hands. Inspired by our company’s culture of “sharing care” and appreciation for its employees, we took the reins and hosted a special “Smoothie Bike Friday” event at the Atlanta headquarters – an idea created, planned and executed by the interns. Not only did we make healthy treats for all employees, but we also enjoyed it as a fun way to meet people from across the organization and inspire comradery. Each week, we also took part in intimate conversations and Q&A sessions with members of the executive team – including founder and CEO Jeff Arnold – through weekly lunch-and-learns. These regular sit-downs were a personal highlight of our internship for the incredible insight, advice and down-to-earth conversations that were sparked by such inspiring leaders. But it wasn’t all fun and games! The internship also required a lot of hard work that put our classroom studies and extracurricular experiences to task. Each day, our teams challenged us to contribute to our daily operations by applying our skills and interests, all while helping us meet our individual growth goals. And as we learned from each of these experiences – the team projects, the mentor one-on-ones, the intern competitions – we were able to carry the lessons to each new challenge we encountered on the job.  

Our time at Sharecare went by quickly, but we’re grateful that by taking initiative and acting as dedicated members of our teams, the internship served as a great opportunity to learn, network and grow in more ways than we imagined. At the end of the day, we learned that the internship experience is what you make of it, and we’re glad to have been part of a company that empowered and encouraged us to make a lasting impact. 

Pictured Above (L to R): Summer interns Dylan Judd, Sam Hawn, Lily Harrington, Cayla Keiser, Jennifer Kiser, Matthew Osajima and Garrett Moorman

To explore opportunities to participate in Sharecare’s summer internship program, visit our talent website. Summer internship opportunities are posted annually in March.