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Sudden Impact: Touching Down at WWDC

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

This week in San Francisco, Apple is holding its Worldwide Developers Conference, where the app developer community gathers each year to learn about new software features coming to the Mac, iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. During Monday’s kickoff, two themes in particular resonated with me: the impact of self-awareness and motivation; and the power of voice.

More than five years ago, we founded Sharecare on the idea that social engagement and self-awareness can be significant drivers for behavior change; and over time, have placed considerable focus on unlocking the power of voice with our Sharecare app, which helps users manage stress. Several new features Apple introduced – like Activity sharing on Apple Watch, the Breathe app and the ability for developers to integrate Siri into third party apps for the very first time – are born out of that same philosophy.

Understanding your health status is critical, but even more so is improving health outcomes – and it’s these types of frictionless technologies that live on the mobile devices we use every day that will drive meaningful impact.