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Spotlight: Marynda Eich, senior account manager

Part confidant and strategic adviser, part orchestra conductor, Sharecare’s enterprise account managers work closely with our clients and internal teams across the entire customer lifecycle. For Marynda Eich, a senior account manager based in Columbus, Ohio, an average day – if there is one – consists of managing three enterprise accounts. Although no two days are the same, communication – both internal and external – is a constant, whether it’s catching up with a client contact to learn about their employee or member engagement goals or liaising with internal teams – from marketing to implementation to operations, and more – to ensure those goals and expectations are met.    

Keep reading to learn more about the role of enterprise account managers, and how team members like Marynda help drive the health transformations powered by Sharecare’s interventions. 

Tell us about your role. 

I’m a senior account manager on the enterprise team, managing our work for three clients.  

In my role, I’m constantly in communication with internal and external partners, ensuring Sharecare programs and offerings operate as promised and deliver value. That means there are a lot of meetings, but they expose me to so much helpful information about our clients’ cultures and goals and help me appreciate what a collective effort it is to service our enterprise clients across all their needs.  

What recent “win” has made you proud? 

I’m proud of the fact that we doubled member engagement for one of our employer clients. We set a goal to greatly increase engagement among their employees and were able to not only increase employee registrations and completions of the RealAge test, but also doubled engagement in activities like participating in the RealAge program, completing challenges, scheduling preventive exams, and utilizing our coaching services. This all led to a considerable premium reduction for the employees. 

Another proud moment came from a different client for who we greatly boosted engagement for our new hire emails. We tried a unique approach: instead of sending standard notifications for employees to join our platform, we sent out invitations. This small adjustment made a big difference, resulting in a significant increase in open rates, especially among employees who hadn’t registered yet. This not only brought them back to the Sharecare platform but also showed us a new possible strategy to use with other accounts.

We were able to do both of these wins because of strong relationships with key partners across marketing, operations, implementation, and other groups, who helped update marketing materials and streamline incentive design. We’re now exploring more strategies to enhance client engagement next year. 

What should other teams know about your role? 

Account managers really touch everything when it comes to our enterprise clients. It takes a village to ensure we can deliver high-impact programs, and we’re working with our internal teams every step of the way. We rely on them greatly for their expertise and diligence. We also work with our sales teams as needed to ensure they have use cases and information they need to secure new business.  

On the external side, we often communicate and collaborate with multiple people at our clients’ organizations. These touchpoints can be critical because they give us a fuller understanding of our clients’ goals and cultures.  

These communication streams teach us a lot about many different parts of our own operations and our clients. 

Tell us about your path to joining Sharecare as an account manager. 

I started as a health coach at Healthways (acquired by Sharecare in 2016). I was working as a manager at a residential facility for adults with profound to severe mental disabilities when my mom saw an ad in the newspaper for a health coach role. (I live in Ohio, and this was back when Healthways had a Columbus office.) 

I interviewed for the job and really loved being able to track people’s progress as they achieved their personal health goals. Next, I served as an onsite program manager. After a few years of seeing how I could impact well-being at scale, I transitioned to an associate account manager role in 2014.

Has your role changed as a result of the pandemic? 

I’ve always been a remote account manager, so it didn’t affect me as much; however, I’ve not been able to visit my clients in person. Fortunately, technology allows me to keep the relationships strong. Still, there’s something that Zoom or Teams can’t replicate, so I look forward to getting back on the road in the new year to nurture those relationships.  

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? 

I love to go on adventures, and I love the outdoors. I’ll never pass up the chance to get outside with my husband, two kids, and dog. Camping, hiking, boating, and skiing are just a few things we like to do.  

Since I was a kid, I’ve gone boating on Dale Hollow Lake – on the Tennessee-Kentucky border – at least one weekend every year. For the last few years, my husband and I have taken the kids to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Before we had children, we loved to travel internationally, and I’d love to take my kids on a trip once they’ve been vaccinated. I’m also looking forward to taking them back to Disney World. The magic in their eyes when we’re there is incredible.  

What job would you be terrible at doing? 

Despite what I just said about loving adventures and the outdoors, I can’t stand bugs – so I’d have to say pest control specialist. I don’t mind them when I’m in nature, but I can’t stand them in my house!