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Sharecare Gallup

America’s uninsured rate is on the rise

Sharecare Gallup
Sharecare Gallup

Uh Oh: The Uninsured Rate Is Creeping Back Up

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Gallup Sharecare

Young Dropping Coverage as Uninsured Grows By 2 Million

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Healthcare disagreements roil U.S. Senate Republicans

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Uninsured rate rises slightly as Obamacare costs rise

FierceHealthcare Sharecare

Uninsured rate ticks up as nearly 2M drop insurance coverage in 2017:…

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Survey: U.S. uninsured healthcare rate rises to 11.7%

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Obamacare coverage gains starting to erode: Survey

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Survey: Number of uninsured adults in U.S. rose by 2 million this year…

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Uninsured rate increased in second quarter of 2017

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The number of people without health insurance is suddenly spiking

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Survey: US uninsured up by 2M this year as gains erode

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2 million Americans lost insurance this year — even with ObamaCare…

Becker's Hospital Review Sharecare

US uninsured rate climbs to 11.7%

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ObamaCare coverage gains eroding, new survey indicates