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Sharecare enters the metaverse with innovative VR exercise program

Last week, we announced the launch of Get Active, an exciting new program to help employers encourage exercise among their workforce in a fun, approachable, and accessible way, using the immersive power of virtual reality (VR). While health plans and self-insured employers actively seek ways to increase member usage across their well-being offerings, most yield low sustained engagement. But Sharecare’s new program is designed to engage employees in physical activity by enabling “exercise by accident” through a convenient and gamified movement experience using the Meta Quest 2.  

Get Active delivers strong results 

We announced this new offering alongside the successful pilot with Lennar Corporation, a major homebuilder in the United States. The pilot, which was conducted in late 2022, generated promising results for Lennar’s associates, including those diagnosed with or prone to illnesses like anxiety and depression, cancer, diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders.  

Among high-risk participants, the pilot yielded an engagement rate of 82% and a threefold increase in their average weekly exercise minutes per person compared to pre-program. Following the success of the pilot, Lennar is introducing Get Active as a core offering for its eligible Associate who are at risk for or managing a chronic disease. 

How the Get Active program works 

Thanks to the herculean efforts across many Sharecare teams to design, build, and implement this offering, Get Active is now available for employer customers to integrate into their workplace well-being and health benefits platform configurations.  

For client partners interested in deploying Get Active for their workforce, Sharecare works alongside them to stratify the eligible population for the program. For clients enrolled in Sharecare+, the digital health company’s whole health, payor agnostic advocacy solution, family advocates also will work to enroll eligible members in the program. 

After eligible members enroll in Sharecare’s Get Active program, they receive a Meta Quest 2 VR headset and an exercise guide featuring recommended movement-related VR apps to encourage exercise. Using Meta Quest Move, participants can tally the activity minutes generated through the headset; and, with their consent, the minutes exercised in VR can be synced to the Sharecare app. There, the participant’s activity data is used to determine their personal weekly and monthly movement goals and employer-sponsored rewards programs.