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Recommended reading: The Death of Cancer

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

“Utterly absorbing”… “fierce and frank”… These are just a few compliments The New York Times paid my friend and colleague Dr. Vince DeVita in their review of his memoir, The Death of Cancer. In it, Dr. DeVita, whose credentials include former director of the National Cancer Institute and president of American Cancer Society, details his experience as one of the pioneers in the war on cancer. In fact, many probably don’t realize that as recently as the 1960s, today’s most accepted and effective cancer treatments didn’t exist – and were being dismissed as nothing more than barbaric attempts at magic tricks, not evidence-based science. Thanks to Dr. DeVita’s dedication to his patients and not politics, the war on cancer is one which we are closer and closer to winning.

I feel fortunate to have Dr. DeVita serve as Sharecare’s resident oncology expert and one of our key editorial advisors – and I’m grateful that the masses can now learn about and appreciate the incredible contributions he has made to our world. Regardless of your education or vocation, the knowledge – from the medicinal to the political – that Dr. DeVita imparts in his book is remarkable – and, until now, not widely known. Whether you’re looking for your next good read or a gift for someone special this holiday season, The Death of Cancer will not disappoint.