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SharecareNow Names Top 10 Online Influencers in Weight Loss

Atlanta and San Francisco – January 15, 2013 — With 65 percent of U.S. adults vowing to make a weight loss-related lifestyle change in the New Year, it is no surprise that gym memberships increase by an average of 12 percent every January. Maintaining a new year’s resolution to lose weight, whether it is eating healthier or exercising more, can be challenging, but by surrounding yourself with valuable information and helpful resources, you can increase your odds of success. That is why SharecareNow has announced its list of health experts that make up the Top 10 Online Influencers in Weight Loss – including Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello, Today show nutrition expert Joy Bauer, and Health magazine columnist Cynthia Sass.

“Offering unprecedented advice on everything from healthy eating tips to exercise regimens, these experts not only help equip Americans with the tools to lose weight, but also teach them how to make long-term lifestyle improvements to maintain their healthy weight and reduce their risk for weight-related conditions,” says Michael F. Roizen, MD, a Sharecare Editorial Advisory member and Chief Wellness Officer for Cleveland Clinic.

Sharecare’s Top 10 Online Influencers list series is the starting point for users who are on a journey to improve their health or learn more about a specific disease area. The lists provide users with background information on a topic and introduce suggested online influencers to follow and who will be valuable resources every step of the way. Sharecare seeks to empower users with the right information, early on, so that they can engage in the most effective way online. Sharecare’s goal is to have anyone facing new health challenges or simply interested in learning more about a condition to “Start with SharecareNow.”

To be included in the SharecareNow Top 10 Online Influencers – Weight Loss list, individuals must have demonstrated a consistent impact on weight loss-specific conversations online over the past year. Top influencers have an active online presence across multiple interactive channels – such as Twitter, Facebook, video and blogs – and address a wide range of weight loss topics, including healthy eating and exercise. Influence is measured and quantified through a proprietary algorithm based on more than 70 individual metrics that include weight loss relevance, syndication, presence and reach.

The following top influencers make up the SharecareNow Top 10 – Weight Loss list:

  1. Liz Vaccariello – Reader’s Digest
    Editor-in-chief and chief content officer of Reader’s Digest, author of the New York Timesbest-seller The Digest Diet and the recently released The Digest Diet Cookbook
  2. Joy Bauer, MS, RD – Today
    Nutrition and health expert for NBC’s Today show, New York Times best-selling author, including most recently The Joy Fit Club, and founder of Joy Bauer Nutrition
  3. Malia Frey, MA, CPT – – Weight Loss
    Health and fitness writer for and certified personal trainer
  4. Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD – Cynthia Sass
    Best-selling author of S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim: Conquer Craving, Drop Pounds and Lose InchesHealth magazine columnist, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant to the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays
  5. Tony Schober, CPT – Coach Calorie
    Fitness blogger, certified personal trainer and founder of Coach Calorie
  6. Nanci Hellmich – USA Today
    Life section reporter, covering nutrition, fitness and wellness, for USA Today
  7. Veronica Noone – Roni’s Weigh
    Healthy living blogger and founder of SkinnyMinnyMedia, LLC
  8. Erika Nicole Kendall – Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss
    Author and founder of the blog Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss
  9. Diane Carbonell – Fit to the Finish
    Founder of Fit To The Finish blog and author of 150 Pounds Gone Forever
  10. Jennifer Swafford – It Sux To Be Fat
    Founder and author of the blog It Sux To Be Fat

The full list of the SharecareNow Top 10 Online Influencers – Weight Loss can be found here.

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