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Sharecare updates award-winning symptom checker to help people assess individual risk, obtain actionable guidance for COVID-19

Download Sharecare to access AskMD as first line of digital defense if experiencing symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus

ATLANTA – March 26, 2020 – Sharecare, the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, today announced it has updated AskMD, its award-winning symptom checker, to help people understand the likelihood that their symptoms are caused by COVID-19, take appropriate actions to get care, and “flatten the curve.”

The enhancements to AskMD are the latest of numerous tools and resources Sharecare is developing to better inform Americans about COVID-19 and empower them to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. A flagship feature of the Sharecare platform, AskMD uses clinically proven research to guide you through a personalized questionnaire that takes into account all of your symptoms and other factors, like medications and known conditions, to narrow down potential causes and connect you to doctors and specialists qualified to treat them. If you’re not feeling well or start displaying symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus, you can take an AskMD consult to find out if COVID-19 may be a likely cause and what steps you should take.

AskMD consults for symptoms most commonly associated with COVID-19 are featured prominently on, Sharecare’s centralized destination for people to easily access the latest developments and medically verified guidance about the virus. Those interested in screening their risk of COVID-19 during this evolving situation also can take a new focused AskMD consult that, upon completion, provides directive guidance[1] specific to their situation. Additionally, AskMD is available via the free Sharecare app – just tap “Discover,” select “AskMD,” and enter your symptom(s) in the search bar to start an assessment.

As an established, trusted source for health information, Sharecare continues to deliver relevant and timely information through its platform to help people on their health journeys, which is rapidly changing every day in the face of COVID-19. To access Sharecare’s latest content and tools for COVID-19 preparedness, awareness and prevention, visit or download the free Sharecare app on the App Store or Google Play.

 About Sharecare

Sharecare is the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place. The Sharecare platform provides each person – no matter where they are in their health journey – with a comprehensive and personalized health profile where they can dynamically and easily connect to the information, evidence-based programs and health professionals they need to live their healthiest, happiest and most productive lives. In addition to providing individual consumers with direct access to award-winning and innovative frictionless technologies, scientifically validated clinical protocols and best-in-class coaching tools, Sharecare also helps providers, employers and health plans effectively scale outcomes-based health and wellness solutions across their entire populations. To learn more, visit


[1] Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, as well as primary medical literature.