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Sharecare Names Top 10 Skin Cancer Bloggers

More New Skin Cancer Cases Occur Every Year Than Breast, Prostate, Lung and Colon Cancers Combined

Atlanta, July 9, 2013 – “There’s only one deadly cancer every one of you has the power to prevent, and it’s by far the easiest to detect: Melanoma,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz, Host of The Dr. Oz Show and founder with Jeff Arnold of the health and wellness social engagement platform Sharecare. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. As we head out into the summer sun, Sharecare has named its Top 10 Skin Cancer Bloggers. Officially known as “Social HealthMakers,” these bloggers are among the most influential people in health and wellness on the Web, according to a ranking system based on more than 100 individual metrics.

Here are the Top 10 to follow and watch:

  1. Jeff Benabio, MD –
    A frequent blogger on skincare issues on, Dr. Benabio is a board certified dermatologist and physician director of healthcare transformation at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA.
  2. Chelsea Price –
    No longer a big fan of being tan, Price was inspired by her Stage III melanoma diagnosis to promote melanoma awareness on her blog, “Adventures With My Enemy Melanoma.”.
  3. Charles Camisa, MD –
    A leading expert in psoriasis, autoimmune bullous diseases, and other complex skin conditions, Dr. Camisa served as chief resident at NYU Skin and Cancer Department and has authored numerous articles.
  4. Liz Szabo –
    A medical reporter with USA Today and winner of an Excellence in Media Award from the Campaign for Public Health Foundation, Szabo covers cancer, public health, parenting, and other top health issues.
  5. Susan Hayes –
    When her daughter, Jillian, was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma, Hayes created “Jillian’s Journey with Melanoma” to raise melanoma awareness, especially in young people.
  6. Ava Shamban, MD –
    Board certified dermatologist Dr. Shamban serves as assistant clinical professor of dermatology, UCLA-Geffen School of Medicine, and is author of the new book Heal Your Skin: The Breakthrough Plan for Renewal.
  7. Cynthia Bailey, MD –
    Dr. Bailey is a board certified dermatologist with a general and surgical practice focusing on skin care and cancer who conducts lab research on sunlight’s effect on skin disease.
  8. Len Lichtenfeld, MD –
    Deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Lichtenfeld directs its cancer control science department, focusing on the prevention and early detection of cancer and emerging science and trends in cancer.
  9. Ellen Marmur, MD –
    DDr. Marmur, a board-certified dermatologist, is an international speaker and author with numerous publications in academic journals, books and the popular press. She also serves as skin health editor of Merck’s Manual Your Health Now magazine.
  10. Katie Wilkes –
    A 20-something melanoma survivor who avoided chemotherapy and radiation therapy with early detection, Wilkes advocates for skin cancer awareness and encourages young readers to challenge current perceptions of beauty.

Complete background information about all 10 Top Skin Cancer Bloggers can be found here:

MethodologySharecare Social HealthMakers (formerly SharecareNow) are among the most influential people in health and wellness on the Web, literally driving “conversations on the leading edge.” They address a wide range of issues within specific topic areas while demonstrating consistent impact across multiple interactive channels—such as Twitter, Facebook, video and blogs. This impact is measured through a proprietary algorithm based on more than 100 individual metrics developed and powered by WCG, the marketing-leading digital communications agency, quantifying topic relevance, syndication, presence and reach. Prior Sharecare lists have identified Social HealthMakers in weight loss, infertility, heart disease, fitness, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

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