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Sharecare launches new digital marketing solutions to support patient engagement

ATLANTA – Oct. 26, 2020 – Sharecare, the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, today announced enhancements to its suite of solutions to increase engagement among U.S. consumers. Designed in response to Sharecare’s research on health and well-being needs across condition-specific populations, the latest additions to the digital health company’s portfolio support patients by fostering awareness and education to improve their health.

“At Sharecare, we understand every person’s health and condition journey is unique, and in our pursuit of product innovation, we look at the individual – not just the disease – to understand what motivates change and how to enable it,” said Laura Klein, president of Sharecare’s consumer division. “By delivering research-validated, digitally enabled health education and engagement experiences, our solutions are tailored to support people in achieving the best possible outcomes while engaging healthcare providers and brands as meaningful partners in that journey.”

With the unique needs of patients defining Sharecare’s approach to product innovation and patient engagement, its latest solutions are designed to give people the content they want and need, in a variety of interactive, personalized, and frictionless formats – all to support their relationship with their care providers and their ability to attain their individual health goals. Sharecare’s newly launched solutions include:

  • Up Close and Personal– An immersive, virtual reality-based educational tool that takes patients through the progression of a diagnosed disease and the science of their treatment, while allowing them to learn about their condition from medical experts and patients like them.
  • Our Nation and Condition – An interactive map that visualizes national, state- and community-level trends associated with specific chronic conditions. In addition to displaying trends such as prevalence and measures of health risk for various disease states, this resource can also enable people to see the impact of relevant social determinants of health – like access to gyms or fresh produce versus fast food – in the communities where they live, work, and play.
  • Personal Path to Better Health – An ultra-personalized health content experience that customizes the information and features delivered to the user based on their unique needs and attributes. By determining whether the user is a caregiver or patient, diagnosed or undiagnosed, or already under a treatment plan, the Personalized Path to Better Health approach allows users to follow an individualized digital content path that best suits their own health journey.
  • Interactive Physician Consult Simulations – An interactive experience that helps patients better prepare for their medical appointments by guiding them through important questions and feedback about the specifics of their health. This virtual consult simulation features detailed and consumer-friendly video explainers that assist patients in creating tailored discussion guides, empowering them to feel informed about complex topics related to their health and prepared to have effective conversations with their healthcare provider.

With more than 30 awards for the content, technologies, and talent behind its enhanced product suite, Sharecare’s pharmaceutical marketing and patient education campaigns and solutions have been recognized among the industry’s most innovative and effective. In fact, over the past three years, more than 80% of Sharecare’s consumer marketing campaigns and programs exceeded performance goals established by its client partners, including Publicis Health Media.

“PHM is proud to have a partner that helps keep our clients at the forefront of healthcare marketing,” said Andrea Palmer, president of Publicis Health Media, “Innovation is the lifeblood of our business and performance metrics that reflect positive behavior changes among patient populations is the goal.”

Additional offerings in Sharecare’s suite of consumer solutions span the health journey with tools powered by virtual reality, 3D and photorealistic visualizations, and multimedia content formats to engage patients as active participants in their healthcare experience. As part of Sharecare’s research-based product strategy, the design and development of its consumer solutions are informed and validated by the Sharecare Patient Experience Lab (PXL), the only consumer health research lab of its kind; which generates detailed patient insights and profiles through surveys, focus groups, and social listening among other primary and secondary research methods. Additionally, the products and services available from Sharecare’s consumer division complement the company’s flagship data-driven virtual health platform, which is designed to help people, providers, employers, health plans, government organizations, and communities optimize individual and population-wide well-being by driving awareness, engagement, and positive behavior change.

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About Sharecare

Sharecare is the leading digital health company that helps people – no matter where they are in their health journey – unify and manage all their health in one place. Our comprehensive and data-driven virtual health platform and programs are designed to help people, providers, employers, health plans, government organizations, and communities optimize individual and population-wide well-being by driving awareness, engagement, and positive behavior change. Driven by our philosophy that we are all together better, at Sharecare, we are committed to supporting each individual through the lens of their personal health and making high-quality care and treatment more accessible and affordable for everyone. To learn more, visit