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Sharecare launches evidence-based mental wellness app to help people manage daily stress, build healthier habits

Unwinding by Sharecare applies research from world-renowned behavior change expert Dr. Jud Brewer, debuts mini-master class on financial stress in partnership with Mint

ATLANTA – Oct. 4, 2021 – Sharecare (Nasdaq:SHCR), the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, today announced the launch of Unwinding by Sharecare, a broad-based mental well-being app designed to help people better understand how their minds work, reduce their stress, and build healthier habits. Like a virtual quick-start guide for the mind, the solution empowers people to stay grounded in the moment through evidence-based mindfulness techniques, enabling them to unwind unwanted behaviors that both result from and often exacerbate stress.

Based on more than a decade of research by renowned neuroscientist and Sharecare’s executive medical director of behavioral health, Dr. Jud Brewer, Unwinding by Sharecare rounds out the digital health company’s suite of award-winning, clinically validated digital therapeutics for behavioral health, which also includes Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now, and Craving to Quit. These powerful and proven digital therapeutics complement Sharecare’s flagship virtual care platform by further empowering people to improve and manage the interconnected aspects of their physical and mental well-being.

“Stress hides in our bodies and in our habits. We try to disconnect from the discomfort of stress with seemingly unrelated behaviors like overeating, procrastinating, and excessive social media use,” said Dr. Brewer, who also serves as director of research and innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center. “Stress is a normal part of life, yet how we deal with it makes a critical difference in both our daily lives and ultimately our long-term health and happiness. We developed Unwinding by Sharecare to help every individual — no matter how stressed or stuck in bad habits they are — understand how their minds work, so they can work better with their minds.

Unwinding by Sharecare teaches everyone simple, practical ways to use mindful awareness in their health journey with access to resources that include:  

  • Science-based mini-master classes to improve overall well-being by learning techniques to decrease stress and change unwanted habits
  • Exclusive live, monthly events with Dr. Brewer and other leading experts  
  • 100+ in-the-moment and personalized stress reduction tools such as guided meditations, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and more  
  • Library of exclusive, award-winning videos to promote relaxation and restful sleep from Sharecare Windows 

Research shows prolonged, unmanaged stress can have long-term effects on individuals including greater risk for heart disease, increased blood pressure, and immune system suppression. Without healthy coping strategies for stressful situations, the likelihood of adopting poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, medication nonadherence, and physical inactivity also may increase, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, a growing body of evidence, including a 2020 study published in JMIR mHealth, shows programs like Unwinding by Sharecare that leverage meditation and mindfulness techniques can help relieve physiological stress and anxiety.

Fighting financial stress with Mint 

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly 2 in 3 adults report that money is a significant source of stress in their life. For Unwinding’s financial stress mini-master class, Sharecare teamed up with Mint, an Intuit personal finance app. Through the interactive course, people will learn how habits around spending are formed, the importance of bringing understanding to where their money is going, and why taking a comprehensive look at their full financial picture will set them up for long-term financial wellness.

Additional course topics available in Unwinding by Sharecare focus on procrastination, stress management, emotional eating, the science of mindfulness, kindness, and self-discovery among others. New courses will be added regularly to bring people new and relevant lessons for managing their mental well-being comprehensively.

Available on the App Store or Google Play, Unwinding by Sharecare has a special introductory, limited-time price of $35.99 for one year; the regular price is $59.99 for an annual subscription. Organizations interested in learning more about Unwinding by Sharecare for their populations or members can email

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