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Sharecare expands suite of patient education and engagement tools to help pharmaceutical and life sciences brands improve outcomes

ATLANTA – Aug. 18, 2021 – Sharecare (Nasdaq: SHCR), the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, today announced enhancements to its suite of solutions for pharmaceutical and life sciences brands to enable patient engagement and optimize outcomes.

Each of the four new solutions addresses consumers’ unique health needs as well as the growing utilization of virtual well-being management tools and information consumption via social media. Empowering people to navigate the challenges of today’s health landscape through personalized, accessible, credible, and mobile-first, omnichannel experiences, these new solutions from Sharecare, which will be available in Q4 2021, include:

  • “All Together Better” social aggregator – This tool complements condition-specific web content and resources with a dynamic, curated collection of social media content. By surfacing relevant conversations, influencers, and timely news across social networks as part of one’s digital health journey, “All Together Better” enables patients and loved ones to engage and easily explore more about their condition.
  • Condition-specific chatbot – This menu-based chatbot allows users to explore their condition-specific questions in guided sessions on their mobile devices and the web. By leading users through a range of questions and topics related to their health concerns, this tool helps patients and caregivers find trustworthy answers to the most pressing questions they may have throughout their health journey. 
  • Condition-specific virtual assistant – With the help of an empathetic, avatar-driven virtual assistant, people can navigate questions, answers, and relevant resources with ease, whether learning about a diagnosis or navigating a treatment plan on their own behalf or that of a loved one. 
  • Interactive data visualization and mapping – As an expansion upon the team’s data mapping and visualization offerings, this new mobile- and web-based experience takes users on a highly interactive data-driven health education journey. Animated graphics and national- to community-level maps combine to create an immersive web journey that integrates useful content and data, maximizing consumer engagement and information retention. 

“These recent additions to our product suite were designed not only to align with emerging consumer trends and preferences in today’s complex health landscape, but also to foster more productive connections between people and the healthcare brands they trust,’” said Laura Klein, executive vice president and general manager of consumer solutions at Sharecare. “With these enhancements, we look forward to new and evolved collaborations with our pharmaceutical and life sciences partners that allow us to make patients not only healthier, but also all together better.”

Through its consumer solutions channel, Sharecare reaches patients with educational, engaging, and outcomes-focused experiences that empower them to be active players – along with their clinical support teams and healthcare brands – in their treatment journeys. Sharecare’s consumer solutions and healthcare marketing campaigns are distinguished by a track record of strong, measurable performance in areas including engagement and efficiency; out of 200 campaigns, 94% exceeded brand partner benchmarks and 88% exceeded measurement targets identified by third parties. To date, the innovative campaigns and content powered by Sharecare’s suite of consumer solutions have merited nearly 40 awards, including three awards for a previous iteration of its condition-specific chatbot, and recognition as a finalist for “Company of the Year” in PM360’s 2021 Trailblazer Awards. 

For more information about Sharecare’s patient engagement and education solutions for pharmaceutical and life sciences brands, visit the Sharecare website

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