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Sharecare and National Academy of Sports Medicine team up to inspire people to develop better exercise habits, achieve physical fitness goals

Co-developed mini course available exclusively in Unwinding by Sharecare utilizes proven mindfulness techniques to promote daily movement

ATLANTA – Jan. 6, 2022 – Sharecare (Nasdaq: SHCR), the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a global leader in fitness and wellness certifications with best-in-class programs, have teamed up to launch “Making Space for Movement,” a co-developed mini course available exclusively within the Company’s mental well-being app Unwinding by Sharecare. The physical activity-focused mini course debuts as millions of Americans resolve to improve their health and empowers them to achieve goals of more movement through the science of behavior change in an easily accessible, smartphone-based format.

“Changing habits is challenging, but with the right tools, support, and information, the effort can be effective and rewarding – allowing us to reap long-term benefits in our everyday lives,” said Dr. Jud Brewer, executive medical director of behavioral health at Sharecare. “In this course, we’ve combined strategies based on years of behavior change research with the expertise of our teams at Sharecare and NASM to put physical fitness within reach for everyone, while making the habit of movement an integral part of a well-rounded lifestyle that fosters both physical and mental well-being.” 

Research published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows approximately 55% of Americans commit to health-related New Year’s resolutions like engaging in more exercise; yet, four in five of these individuals fail to keep the habit more than six weeks.  “Making Space for Movement” is a seven-part course based on proven principles of habit formation that helps people learn ways to incorporate activity and fitness into their lives, and how to break unhelpful patterns that occur even when change is desired. By dedicating just minutes to each virtual lesson, participants can adopt strategies for finding enjoyment in physical activity, replacing unproductive self-criticism with self-compassion, and effectively budgeting time for movement. By the end of the course, each individual is empowered to achieve their movement goals and reap the benefits of regular activity. 

“Our mission at the National Academy of Sports Medicine is to build a healthier and happier world by providing the best knowledge and tools in fitness and wellness,” said Laurie McCartney, President of NASM. “We are excited to join forces with Sharecare to help people find creative and fun ways to incorporate more movement into their daily lives.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only half of American adults get the physical activity needed to help prevent and reduce the impact of chronic diseases. Further, the CDC estimates the U.S. spends $117 billion annually in healthcare costs associated with a lack of physical activity. In addition to the cost burden associated with conditions worsened by physical inactivity such as heart disease and obesity, a survey by the National Business Group on Health identified musculoskeletal conditions – including forms of arthritis, back, and neck pain – as the top driver for healthcare spending among U.S. employers in 2021. However, evidence shows a pragmatic approach to physical activity such as activities to improve flexibility, balance, and muscle resistance can help prevent and manage the progression of musculoskeletal conditions as well as other chronic diseases.

Dr. Brewer added, “Increasingly, the pandemic has required employers to think differently about helping their workforces take better care of themselves, especially in terms of mental health and basic exercise. So, when companies are intentional about empowering their employees to use mindfulness to break bad habits and foster better ones, ultimately, the organization reaps the reward of a healthier and happier workforce, which results in decreased absenteeism, increased employee productivity, and higher morale.”

Building on the habit change techniques Dr. Brewer has studied for decades, “Making Space for Movement” joins a growing list of mindfulness-based mini courses that are available in Unwinding by Sharecare, which also cover topics such as procrastination, anger habits, financial stress, caregiver stress, and more. Like a virtual quick-start guide for the mind, the app empowers people to stay grounded in the moment through evidence-based mindfulness techniques, enabling them to unwind unwanted behaviors that both result from and often exacerbate stress.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Unwinding by Sharecare has a special introductory, limited-time price of $35.99 for one year; the regular price is $59.99 for an annual subscription. Employers and health plans interested in learning more about Unwinding by Sharecare as a resource for their populations can send an inquiry to

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About NASM
The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is a global leader in fitness and wellness education and certifications. Building on over 34 years of expertise, NASM programs create a roadmap for fitness professionals to help their clients achieve better physical and mental performance in athletics and everyday life. NASM provides an industry-first training system, with the Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) model, creating robust courses and content based solely on scientific, evidence-based research. NASM has educated over 1.3 million fitness professionals in over 80 countries, creating a global space for optimal wellbeing and fitness.

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