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Healthways, a subsidiary of Sharecare, is, as a partner of French main health plan, releasing an innovative mobile application for tobacco cessation.

After winning a challenging RFQ in early 2016, Healthways has been awarded a 4-year contract (2016 – 2020) to develop a brand new e-coaching program for tobacco cessation that now replaces the former mobile application as part of the “Tabac Info Service” program.

NEUILLY SUR SEINE, France, October 12, 2016 — Aware of the major public health issue, as France has more than 16 million smokers, the CNAMTS, Public Health France and Healthways France teams, in collaboration with Santech, worked together since the beginning of the year to develop an innovative mobile application dedicated to support the French population in their quitting process.

Inspired by cutting edge science regarding behavior change and behavioral economics, this new application supports the user’s engagement in his weaning process in order to increase the chances of a successful permanent stop.

Featuring a dynamic user interface that adapts to the motivation and preparation stage of each enrolled user, this application provides personalized support throughout the preparation and cessation process. The user experience is enhanced by multichannel interactions between the service and the user, allowing the application to send specific messages fitting to the user’s specific situation (pregnancy, chronic diseases…) and to interact in a relevant way with the user.

It also offers audio and video multimedia content that allow the user to be better informed, be prepared to quit and then maintain his motivation. He’ll also be able to track his progress and benefits from quitting while discovering the best tips and advice to manage, for example, his stress and his weight.

One real innovation of this application seats in leveraging the member’s social networks including friends and relatives who will be able to become his best “supporters” who can regularly show their support to help maintain motivation.

To boost the chances of successfully quitting, the application will be connected to the Tabac Info Service call center and will allow the enrolled member to ask questions directly to a tobacco specialist, from the application or by phone.

Available on the App stores, the mobile application is part of the “Moi[s] sans tabac” (One month without smoking) event, sponsored by The French Public Health agency (SPF) and CNAMTS. A full web version of the service is currently under construction.

The announcement of the launch of this Tobacco cessation e-coaching application is a new step in our collaboration with the CNAMTS. Since 2011, as we go on successfully enabling the Sophia program, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in chronic disease management. Now we’ve proved our ability to design and implement an innovative program focused on prevention in a context where tobacco cessation is a major challenge for public health,” said Richard Dauphin, CEO Healthways France.

About Healthways

Healthways is one of the largest global providers of wellbeing improvement solutions. Dedicated to creating a healthier world, Healthways uses the science of behavior change to produce measurable improvements in health and wellbeing for its clients, including employers, health systems, hospitals, physicians, communities, and government entities.

In France, Healthways (Healthways SAS) is engaged with CNAMTS since 2011 and through 2020 for the Sophia program (chronic disease management for diabetics, asthmatics, and heart disease) as well as a new e-coaching program, “Quitting Smoking.”

Healthways is a Sharecare company.


La Caisse Nationale de l’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAMTS), the national health insurance fund for salaried workers in France, is under the supervision of both the Health Ministry and Finance and Economy Ministry. CNAMTS is the primary health insurer for 56 million lives, almost 86% of the French population. It is also responsible for optimization of the healthcare system as well as implementing coordinated treatment pathways throughout the country, with the primary care doctor at the centre of this system. As the key player in the healthcare system for which it ensures medical control, CNAMTS ensures that expenditures are balanced with allocated public resources. For more information, please visit their website