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The Here and Now: Turning your stress into happiness – and good health

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Lake Nona Impact Forum, where each year, 250 of the nation’s leading healthcare innovators gather to explore the intersection of wellness, sustainable living and education. Admittedly, I left the event feeling inspired and hopeful about the future of healthcare – both short and long term – including the role that Sharecare can play in what’s known as the new era of positive computing, wherein we utilize technology to advance a person’s happiness and, eventually, their overall health.

It is in this new era that Sharecare wants to expand our products and platform to empower people to improve their health every day without disrupting their daily routine. As such, at last week’s Forum, Sharecare introduced a new, frictionless innovation aimed at helping people improve self-awareness, personal relationships, well-being and, ultimately, their overall health by analyzing the spectral-data in the tone of their voice during phone calls.

Initially, we will test this technology – currently in the form a new Android application – through an invitation-only, crowd-sourced, adaptive trial, which is being structured by The Institute for People and Technology at Georgia Tech and overseen by CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Together, Dr. Gupta and Georgia Tech will help us and the trial’s inaugural participants – including Univision, Trinity Health and the Lake Nona community – explore how providing people with real-time feedback on stress, behaviors and relationships analyzed through the tone of their voice will lead them to make positive changes in their lives, transforming stress into happiness.

In addition to expanding on Sharecare’s mission become the ubiquitous host of your health profile, it’s my personal hope that each of you personally benefit from this new technology. That is why we are inviting you – our Sharecare users – to access the beta version of our new Sharecare voice analysis app, which we believe will improve your relationships and well-being in-real time, and potentially alter the course of your health journey. You can find a few details about the trial on our site; and be on the lookout for more information about this special invitation to help revolutionize how we all manage our health.