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New voices

Over the last decade, our company has been fortunate to experience the type of growth and success that signal a promising future for our mission to impact health and well-being globally. Yet from where I sit, I know what’s been so powerful in enabling us to make this impact is our talent – that includes the larger group of leaders who push us to reach a higher ledge of care, to think in new and creative ways, and to keep the needs of our populations at the core of everything we do.

These leaders are on the frontlines with our employees and partners every day – delivering new high-tech and high-touch resources to help you in your care journey, and empowering payers, providers, employers alike to help put good health in reach for all. To bring you the latest from our business, I’ll be inviting them to this blog often to share their perspectives with you directly. By hearing from all of us, you can expect a closer look at the work we’re doing, where we’re heading, and what it means to us to “share care.” I look forward to introducing you more of the leaders who are bringing Sharecare’s vision to life.