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Leveraging the power of technology for all

At Sharecare, our approach to user experience is simple: Deliver easy-to-use products personalized to every individual’s needs to empower them to achieve and enjoy better health. With this as our guide, we’re constantly pursuing new innovations and designing experiences to put quality care in the palm of every person’s hand through a thoughtful combination of high-tech and high-touch elements. And with accessibility for every individual in mind, we’ve been hard at work removing various barriers in the care journey to reach a higher ledge of care.

With our latest product update, you’ll notice a new cleaner design with simplified backgrounds, making it easier for everyone – including individuals with accessibility needs – to read headlines and articles, find relevant health resources, and navigate Sharecare effortlessly. The team worked thoughtfully to improve color and contrast ratios, layout and typography, and implement assistive web technology to support screen reader operability, allowing users to access our award-winning health content read aloud to them. As a part of our commitment to readability, we also released dark mode compatibility to reduce eye strain, allowing any user to adjust the screen appearance according to current light conditions.

These are just a few examples of changes you’ll notice in our product, yet we’re excited to share more improvements with you that promote inclusivity of every individual and their needs as we pursue greater health all together. To ensure you always enjoy our latest and greatest experience, check for app updates regularly in the App Store or Google Play.