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John Chadwick

Board of Directors - Compensation and Human Capital Committee, Chair

John Chadwick founded and has been a partner of Claritas Capital since its inception in 2001, with over twenty five years of experience in financial services, venture capital and private equity. A member of Sharecare’s Board of Directors, Mr. Chadwick serves as chair of the company’s Compensation and Human Capital Committee.

Mr. Chadwick represents Claritas Capital on the boards of numerous privately held companies, including previously with Sharecare and currently FOH & BOH, Forbes Travel Guide, Genomind, MyWoundDoctor, StudioNow and TwelveStone Health Partners; and serves as an observer to the board of Cogitativo.

During his tenure at Claritas Capital, Mr. Chadwick has overseen numerous investments, including Continuum 700 (sold to T-Mobile), Entrada (sold to NextGen), Empyrean Benefit Solutions (sold to Securian Financial), HCA Healthcare (IPO) and StudioNow (sold to AOL).

Prior to founding Claritas Capital, Mr. Chadwick was a partner at Richland Ventures and a Vice President of the Energy Group at Chemical. Mr. Chadwick received his B.A. from the University of Virginia and M.B.A. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.