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Keeping It Simple

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

A recent survey from PwC asked people to rank the technology-enabled features they most want from their health insurance provider. The results clearly show what consumers really want are features that many in the digital health industry might consider “basic” versus “futuristic” – things like follow-up appointment notifications and centralized payment portals as opposed to telemedicine and wearables integration. More than anything, people want tools that make it easy for them to take control of their health and navigate the health system, from provider to payer.

At Sharecare, we are focused on developing new features and functionality that enhance the consumer health experience; and while we will continue to strive for innovation, this PwC survey is a good reminder that it’s just as – if not more – important to keep it simple. We think the way to do that is to have all your health integrated in one place and always available on your smartphone.