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Innovating through internships

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Over the nearly five years our company has existed, one of the key characteristics of Sharecare’s culture is that we actively seek out new perspectives and ideas to help us continue to innovate. As part of that, we just hired an amazing group of summer interns ranging from some very gifted high school seniors to PhD candidates, and they will be working with our product, technology, marketing and engagement teams.

While formal education and degrees are important, when it comes to business, in particular, I’m a huge believer in learning by doing. And while there’s arguably no greater place for a young person to do that than in a structured internship program, there absolutely is no better way for a company to learn how to work smarter and make a bigger impact than listening to what its interns have to say. I look forward to seeing what this summer’s intern team will bring to Sharecare.