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In the spotlight: AskMD and YOU

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

As Sharecare users, I hope that you are familar with AskMD, our award-winning health consultation tool that’s available on the site, as well as on the App Store for those of you who use iOS devices like iPhones, iPods or iPads. And if you’re famillar with AskMD, you probably know it’s something of which I’m very proud – our team has done a great job with it, and we’ve been recognized by the press and award contests, alike. However, AskMD recieved some special recognition yesterday that I wanted to share with you.

Yesterday, Apple held an event at their headquarters in Cupertino, CA, where they announced the launch of new iPads and Macs. At the start of the event – which was live streamed globally and covered extensively by the press – Apple’s SVP of software engineering, Craig Frederighi, provided a quick update of progress they’ve made with iOS 8 since launching it last month in conjunction with the release of the iPhone 6. When discussing the HealthKit aspect of iOS 8 and the momentum they’ve built with developers in just a few weeks’ time, Apple then gave a shoutout to Sharecare for AskMD – and even featured an image of our app on the big screen.

When one of the most respected brands in the world holds you up as an example for others in the health space to follow, it’s exciting – but it’s also humbling. In fact, at Sharecare, this kind of recongition drives us to work even harder to build products that help people – you – live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Over the next several weeks, there’s a lot more to come from Sharecare that we hope will continue to help and your family in your pursuit of good health  – and it is so important to us to hear from you about what you think about our products and programs. Please let me know in the comments what Sharecare can do to help you in your health journey as it will make us all a little better.