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Improving the care journey for all

Among the new products announced by Sharecare this year to help brands reach patient audiences and support consumer health education, we’re especially excited for our health equity focused innovation, Population Perspective – and the step forward it represents in a fragmented healthcare system that can be difficult to navigate. As part of our robust catalog of award-winning health equity content, Population Perspective expands on our team’s work over the past several years to inform, inspire, and connect minority populations with resources to help them find culturally competent, condition-specific care, as well as actionable advice.

With increased industry attention on health disparities in recent years, Sharecare’s DEI-focused innovations advance our mission to make the healthcare ecosystem ‘all together better’ in collaboration with our partners. In fact, we’ve not only seen enthusiasm from our clients, but also have won several accolades for Vital Voices, a DEI storytelling innovation we launched last year, which showcases real, first-person stories from multicultural and underrepresented populations as they navigate a condition.

In addition to recently winning a Gold National Health Information Award in the patient education category and a Bronze Digital Health Award for Psoriatic Arthritis content from the series, Vital Voices was also a finalist in the Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards. We’re honored to have been selected for a digital campaign our teams created to help people of color through the often-difficult journey to find treatment for bipolar disorder. The moving and personal narratives in the series highlight challenges which include medical biases, misdiagnoses, interactions with doctors inexperienced in treating people of color, and a lack of access to care. The campaign also includes critical statistics about bipolar disorder and additional advice to manage the condition.

We’re proud of how our work continues to expand in line with our commitment to the pursuit of health equity, and we’re both motivated and inspired by the promising results of our efforts to engage multicultural patients in their treatment and improve the care journey. In fact, Sharecare’s interactive content drives patient action, with 91 percent of users who engage with an interactive innovation talking to their doctors about what they learned.

Our hope is renewed by the promise that – by innovating alongside our client partners with diverse audiences in mind – the healthcare ecosystem can provide better care for ALL patients. Weaving together data, expert advice, and storytelling into an engaging and holistic educational experience, patients can grasp the complexities of diagnosis, the different types of disorders, the varieties of treatment options, how to navigate the healthcare system, and how to live life to the fullest while managing any condition.