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A Healthier, Happier 2017

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Ringing in the new year means making resolutions – and over 25% of people each year resolve to lose weight. However, finding the right diet that maps to their health needs and lifestyle can be challenging. Fortunately, US News & World Report has made that easier by releasing its annual review and ranking the best diets out there, scoring each across an array of categories like weight-loss, easiest to follow, diabetes, healthy eating, heart disease, and plant-based. While this special report itself is a great guide to help people jump start their path to being healthier in 2017, I’m impressed that the award for the Best Heart-Healthy Diet was bestowed to the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Diet – and for the seventh year in a row. Besides the diet’s creator Dr. Dean Ornish being a long-time friend and colleague, this honor holds special meaning for Sharecare as The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program became part of our extended family following our acquisition of Healthways last summer.

It’s important to note that Ornish Lifestyle Medicine remains the only program scientifically proven to reverse the progression of heart disease without drugs or surgery – and is reimbursed by Medicare and many of the major insurance companies for clinically eligible individuals. So while the core philosophy of the Ornish diet is simple – eat well, stress less, move more, love more – the clinical rigor is unsurpassed.

Congratulations to Dr. Ornish and the entire Ornish Lifestyle Medicine team. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2017 for all.