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Growing the Sharecare Family

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Sharecare’s mission, simply put, is to enable you to get all your healthcare in one place, and ultimately be the only app you’ll need to manage your health seamlessly. To date, however, we were missing an important component to realize that goal — best-in-class disease management protocols and coaching. So that’s why – as you may have heard – we are acquiring part of Nashville-based Healthways.

Healthways is a pioneer in population health — frankly, they began using the term before it became a tenet of healthcare. By combining their expertise with ours in digital engagement and innovation, we have the perfect marriage of high tech and high touch. That’s one of the reasons we are so excited for their expanded team to become part of the Sharecare family. Another reason we are excited is the opportunity to work with Healthways incredible roster of customers, and integrate new technology to help them have even more positive impact on the health and wellness of their populations. We’re also looking forward to having an office in Nashville, where Sharecare’s roots run deep with investors, advisors and customers.

Through each of the nine acquisitions we’ve made prior to this one, we have gained valuable expertise, innovative technology and amazingly talented colleagues. Healthways will be no exception, and I’m confident that – together – we will make a transformative impact on healthcare.