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Mental Health Awareness Webinar

Each year, anxiety costs the U.S. healthcare system approximately $45 billion, and experts predict these numbers will continue to rise. Additionally, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety at a cost of $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, Sharecare is committing to the conversation about mental well-being and the ways in which people can get the help they need.

As part of that effort, we invite you to join us for a webinar, led by renowned neuroscientist and psychiatrist Dr. Jud Brewer, New York Times bestselling author of Unwinding Anxiety and chief medical officer at Sharecare.

At Sharecare, we believe that effective health and well-being programs must focus on the whole person – including both physical and mental. After all, it’s only human to struggle, feel anxious, and need support – and Sharecare is here to help at every point in the well-being journey.

Watch this on-demand webinar, where you’ll learn:

  • How “self-hacking” the brain’s reward system can help create lasting behavior changes and reduce burnout
  • Mindfulness-based coping strategies that promote well-being and help employees better manage anxious moments in real-time
  • An effective approach to enable comprehensive benefits and a well-being solution navigation

Watch our Mental Health Webinar now.