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Engaging Patients by Thinking Outside the Box

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Sharecare was recently represented at the MedCityNews ENGAGE conference, which brought together thought leaders in healthcare to discuss innovations to improve patient engagement. In a workshop entitled “The Prescriptions in Innovative Patient Engagement”, participants led by Sharecare’s Toni Pashley and Bella Martin brainstormed 15 ideas for encouraging this type of engagement, beyond just taking medication or filling prescriptions. Some of these ideas included a free gym membership until you lose your first 10 pounds, taking photos of grocery carts to provide real-time healthy eating advice, a smart grocery list with personalized recommendations, and case coaches to help clarify a diagnosis.

At the end of the Conference, results from the 3 workshops held were presented to the entire ENGAGE audience and put to a vote. In an article describing the event, MedCityNews contributor described how Sharecare’s team “won the day”. And to cap off Sharecare’s success, Toni has been invited back this Friday to serve as a contributor in MedCityNews’ “MedHeads” broadcast to follow up on the workshop and discuss more solutions. The broadcast is airing live at 4pm ET, so be sure to tune in and support Sharecare employees continuing to innovate to help people live their healthiest lives.