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Driving healthcare innovation with integrity

In a challenging health environment, the trust we place in the programs and information we use to manage our well-being couldn’t be more top-of-mind for many consumers. However, at Sharecare, earning our place as a trusted resource for every step of your health journey has been at the core of our operation since our earliest days. 

You’re likely familiar with our library of nearly 170,000 original health and well-being informational content pieces, spanning the range of topics you might encounter as you care for your health. Yet what you may not know is that behind every content piece is a deep bench of veteran journalists and content producers who partner closely with world-leading healthcare providers, healthcare nonprofits, and academic institutions to deliver information that’s vetted against the latest medical research and clinical guidelines. And just as importantly, they work around the clock – even adapting to function as a 24/7 news bureau since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – to distill this into information our members can use, understand, and put into actions that will improve their health and longevity. Even as these principles remain constant in our work, we’re innovating to deliver consumers the right information at the right time, in ways that integrate seamlessly into their daily lives. As a recent example, when Amazon’s Alexa team was looking for credible health and well-being content in scale, they chose Sharecare to integrate medically vetted answers to 80,000 different consumer health questions from our content library into the Amazon Alexa voice service. Now in addition to our comprehensive virtual care platform, we’re there to provide verified health information through a frictionless voice-enabled experience. 

Beyond the integrity of our content, we’re proud to have a consistent track record of accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), our industry’s gold standard for evaluating the clinical quality and service of healthcare programs against evidence-based frameworks and best practices. As an NCQA-accredited organization, our programs for health and wellness promotion and disease management have been externally validated to meet the healthcare industry’s most rigorous standards for excellence in health care and service – and that’s a distinction we’ve been honored to achieve and challenge ourselves to exceed throughout the years. And with our commitment to using the best in tech to enable the best possible outcomes, we’re grateful to be the partner our clients and members entrust no matter where their health journeys lead.