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Is your doctor embracing health IT?

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Accenture just released its 2015 Doctors Survey exploring doctors’ views on electronic health records and health IT. While the survey polled doctors across six countries, the responses from US doctors reveal some positive findings; namely that nearly 80 percent of physicians in the US believe they are more proficient at using EHRs than they were two years ago. Additionally, the survey found that doctors in the US believe health IT is helping them provide better care to their patients, with 89 percent capturing notes from their patients electronically, and 83 percent utilizing e-prescription technology.

It probably goes without saying that, at Sharecare, we are very encouraged by this, as it’s our mission to build digital tools that are easy to use and provide you with the information you need to help you live your healthiest life. And we recognized early on that in order to help as many people as possible, it also was important to find ways to reach people through their care team – be it their physician, their daughter or their employee wellness program. It’s this core idea that pushes us to innovate and develop new technologies; and has led us to strike meaningful partnerships with the likes of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Trinity Health, the US Army and others.