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Delivering community-driven care for COVID-19

As our employees and partners know, Sharecare is distinguished by a commitment to a higher ledge of care that’s not just consumer-driven, but community-driven. In our everyday work, my colleagues and I challenge ourselves to think about how our company – including our partners and resources – can help bring that vision to life. And as COVID-19 recently reached the pandemic level, the call for us to build healthier, more resilient communities while empowering them to stay safe has become timelier and more critical than ever.

With our “Flatten the Curve” survey, we’re gathering insights from people in communities across the U.S. that will help us understand and respond in this situation now and as public health events arise in the future. Are we financially resilient? Are we mentally resilient? Are our behaviors impacting our short- and long-term health risk? Or are they helping us cope, potentially enabling us to emerge stronger and healthier than before? With more than 75,000 respondents to date, we hope the answers will inform and empower leaders and organizations of all varieties to join forces and help bring insights-driven interventions to bear.

To provide people the information they need now, we also launched a centralized COVID-19 information hub, updated every day with well-being content, local public health data, and tools they need during this time. In addition to creating this new hub, our team of content creators has also shifted gears to a newsroom model, bringing our users real-time news updates on case counts by region, public safety guidelines, new research, and more, right as they occur. As I recently shared with Hypepotamus, there’s more on the way to help people digitally triage their symptoms, determine the likelihood of a COVID-19 infection, and access their local care providers from home with a telehealth solution – all through their smartphones from the safety and comfort of home. But this is just the beginning as we use the power of tech to curb the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities well. As your partner at every step in your health journey, we’ll remain dedicated to helping you and your loved ones by delivering the tools and information you need to stay well, right in the palm of your hand.