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Cultivating a Culture of Health

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

There is a lot of discussion about employee wellness programs, as the data is clear that the least stressed, happiest and healthiest employees also perform better and work smarter. I recently spoke with Dr. Michael Finkelstein about this topic for The Huffington Post, and we explored the idea that, to make a real impact, companies must deploy technology and tools that empower employees not simply to track their steps, but to improve their self-awareness in a more meaningful, holistic way. Our RealAge test, for example, helps you benchmark your current state of overall health and identify easy ways to improve; and our voice analysis technology provides real-time feedback to help keep your stress in check. Companies that empower employees to really know their health – and, in turn, themselves –  will not only see returns in employee productivity and work quality, but also to their organization’s bottom line.