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Creating safer, more resilient workplaces

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed workplaces adapt – seemingly overnight – to support efforts to “flatten the curve” and keep their employees safe. The major demographic, technological, and economic shifts we’re seeing have fundamentally changed the way employees and employers alike are thinking about staying healthy and safe at work. In fact, many employers are adopting new strategies to not only address the physical health of its workforce, but also extending this approach to include the emotional, financial and environmental health of their workplaces. One thing is also becoming increasingly clear – employers need a digital health partner that can quickly adapt and evolve as new health threats emerge and business conditions change.

To address immediate public health needs while caring for all other aspects of employee well-being, we created Well-Being@Work – a robust COVID-19 readiness solution that includes a COVID-19 screener, daily health pass, secure telehealth support, geolocation of testing sites, employee readiness survey capabilities, and more. And with promoting resiliency as a key component of any comprehensive well-being strategy, we’ve integrated features that go beyond containing the spread of COVID-19. We’re also partnering with employers to support workers and their families as they manage the pandemic’s impact across all areas of life, like mental health and anxiety management, financial health and resiliency, even affordability and adherence to prescription medications. We know that by helping employers to address the ever-changing emotional, educational, clinical and operational challenges facing their populations, we can help their workforces and communities stay well in the face of this challenge and others that may come. 

With more than 10 years of digital health innovation and decades of clinically validated programs on our side, we’re readily here to help our partners enable the safest return to work when the time is right. Together, we can answer the call to curb the spread of this pandemic while empowering people to minimize their overall health risk by optimizing their overall well-being. For more information on the suite of resources now available, read the official announcement or reach out at to us at