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Check Out the New Version of AskMD for iOS 8

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Over the last 10 months, hundreds of thousands of iPhone users have downloaded and used AskMD, our free, iOS-exclusive app, to make better healthcare decisions. Today, we launched AskMD for iOS 8, including integration with Apple’s HealthKit, which will empower consumers to take an even more proactive role in managing their health. Now, with the Health app’s faster, more accurate on-boarding, AskMD will get you access to care more quickly without compromising quality. Additionally, with AskMD’s ability to recognize patterns and identify possible pandemics, we have the potential to advance episodic medicine, helping individual consumers as well as larger populations stay healthy, not just get better once they’re sick.

In addition to integrating with Apple’s HealthKit, we packed a ton of new features into this latest version of AskMD that we think will be really valuable to you. Things like:

  • Access to exclusive Health Tip videos from Dr. Oz that provide preventative and follow-up guidance, based on your consultations;
  • Ability to upload a photo or video to the For Your Visit consultation notes to share with your doctor;
  • Enhancements to friends and family profiles to help you better manage their health; and
  • Periodic delivery of “smart” push notifications to help improve your overall health and wellness.

Just go to the App Store to download AskMD, and let us know what you think in the comments below – or write a review in the App Store. Your feedback is important to us, and truly helps us deliver better care.