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Celebrate the Past & Embrace the Future

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

With less than two days left until 2016, I’m reminded of just how much the Sharecare team has accomplished this year. We kicked off 2015 strong by deepening our relationship with HCA, announcing a strategic collaboration to accelerate innovation through the creation of new patient engagement solutions. Then, we expanded internationally through our acquisition of Germany-based Feingold Technologies and their innovative mobile team, and took an investment from noted cross-over fund Wellington management. While those milestones are significant in and of themselves, it’s how we harnessed them this year to fuel innovation that’s truly important.

With a comprehensive approach to helping people understand and manage their health, we introduced new features into our existing AskMD app – including releasing a version for Apple Watch – and made improvements to our white label platforms for the Department of Defense and Trinity Health, as well as our flagship, While I’m proud of what we accomplished in 2015, it’s particularly gratifying when that hard work is recognized by those outside of the Sharecare family, as it was last week when we were awarded five Digital Health Awards, ranking, AskMD and our voice analysis app among the world’s best digital health resources.

While we’re taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate these successes, we’re even more enthusiastic about what 2016 holds – not only for Sharecare as a company but also for advancements in consumer-driven healthcare.