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Catalyzing patient-centric, demand-driven innovation

If you’ve followed Sharecare’s evolution over the years, you already know that caring for people holistically has been at the heart of our mission since our earliest days. Yet, to accomplish this, we believe the same approach is needed across the healthcare administration – looking not only at the problems and opportunities in the clinical realm, but also those impacting health outcomes in people’s everyday lives. At Sharecare, we imagine a world in which technology can power innovation across the continuum to create more effective and more accessible care experiences.

We chose to drive this innovation even further when we partnered with Emory University to launch the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub powered by Sharecare, a new innovation engagement program that will produce clinically proven healthcare technologies to address problems limiting outcomes along the care continuum. As both our research partner and hometown neighbor, Emory joins the Sharecare Movement with their commitment to making Georgians healthier with us by developing and accelerating evidence-based, physician-accepted and measured solutions that meet consumers’ exact needs.  

With strategic partners like Emory, we bear even more potential to respond to the most pressing issues in care, such as data privacy, care models, payment models, adherence and patient-doctor relationships, faster than ever before. And with technology at the center, we look forward to more rapidly connecting consumers to accessible, impactful, patient-centric care experiences that change their health and their lives for the better.